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Who do you want to be?

Having a positive vision of yourself is key to successful behaviour change.

When we're overweight or have an unhealthy or destructive pattern of eating we can feel really bad about ourselves. At times like this it’s hard to summon up the energy to focus on the results we're looking for. We get so bogged down in the fact that we can’t stay disciplined, that we are always tempted and that we can’t stick at anything.  This is overwhelming - the negative, small stuff dominates our thinking and we can’t break out of it – mine used to feel like a vice around my head. 

In my struggle to get my own head in the right place I turned to positive thinking techniques and the sorts of approaches that sportsmen & women use to inspire and motivate themselves. 

Positivity is so important to success in all areas of our lives. At the Clinic we help people focus on what they like about themselves rather than on the disappointment. Here's a quick example:

Forget about food for a minute and think about yourself. I’d like you to take a pen and paper and give yourself some quality time. Respond to these statements, write them down and read them out loud so that they become affirmed and really strong in your head:

  1. The things I like about myself are…..

  2. The positive things people would say about me are…..

  3. The reasons why I deserve to have success are...

These points are important to remember in negative moments to create a sense of self-worth. The more vivid you can make the positive affirmations, the more likely you are to be able to use them to create a positive springboard and a catalyst for success. If you don't like yourself it is difficult to find reasons to change - as with all things in life if we are bothered about doing anything, it's because either the subject or the object are worth the effort. You ARE worth the change, you are worth the effort. You don't have to forever be linked with dieting failure. Believe that change is possible, that you don't have to live the way you have always done, that you can make powerful improvements, no matter your age or your eating history. (Read my story on this website to see how I overcame 40 years of disordered eating)

At the Clinic we use all this powerful visualising to define and cement what your success might look like. We make the internal dialogue positive and not punishing - this is also key. But you can start today, building an internal dialogue of positivity and self-worth which will really help you.

Don’t forget, weight management through mindful eating is a slow process - that's why it works: one meal at a time, one day at a time.

If you would like some personal support with this or any of the eating or mindset framework principles then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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