Mindful eating therapy - THE FACTS:


  1. teaches you to understand your eating drivers - you eat what you need, when you need it

  2. teaches you to understand your hunger signals - there are no feelings of starvation or restriction

  3. re-trains your thinking around food to illuminate diet thinking - you lose the guilt which promotes overeating

  4. helps stabilise the emotions which surround eating - you learn to make different choices about how you respond

  5. empowers you to let go of your dependency on diet plans - you eat what YOU like which makes it practical 

  6. focusses on changing your behaviours rather than achieving a weight target - what you weight doesn't dictate how your day goes

  7. inspires you with positive motivation by building confidence and possibility

  8. improves your awareness of good nutrition - when you eat better, you feel better 

  9. high on self-care and self-worth so that you learn to be happier with both yourself and your eating

  10. regardless of how long you've been eating a certain way, you CAN change behaviours (I did, after 40 years) 

Mindful eating

is food


You're not stuck, you're just stuck in a behaviour


How can it work?


If I have "food freedom" won't I just binge on junk food?​


No, because by learning how to tune into and to trust what your body needs you will eat less and start to crave high nutritional food. Improved nutritional knowledge will encourage you to treat your body better.


How will I know how much to eat if I'm not counting calories?


You will learn to understand your hunger cues and the different types of hunger which relate to you and why.   The letting go of counting will be liberating!


How do I track my progress if I'm discouraged from weighing myself?


You can weigh yourself occasionally but we aim to reduce the power that the scales have over you. Progress becomes about how your behaviours change and how you feel


I can't cook. Can I improve my diet easily and cheaply


All my Mindful Meal ideas are easy to put together.  Often using simple storecupboard ingredients.  There's nothing cheffy about me!


I've been eating like this for years, can I really change?


Absolutely!  I had disordered eating for 40 years.  I thought it was the only I could exist but then I fixed myself. Diets don't work and I can teach you a new, lasting way to maintain a healthy weight and pattern of eating.


Is it really possible to lose weight without dieting?


If you have weight to lose, YES!  With a mindful eating approach you will eat only what your body needs, allowing it to find its natural weight.  Letting go of food restriction stops overeating.   

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Will it work

for me?

How do you respond to these 10 questions?


  1. I often overeat when I am stressed, bored, fed up or at certain times of day, like the evening

  2. I just can't seem to lose weight and if I do, I just put it back on again

  3. If I fail on my diet, I tend to overeat, - "I've blown it", then I usually start again the next day

  4. I worry if I eat foods I'm not 'allowed' or foods which are 'bad' 

  5. I always seem to be on some kind of diet, never eating 'normally'

  6. My lifestyle gets in the way of eating healthily - I'm too busy to cook

  7. I  have to weigh myself as often as I can, to make sure I'm on track

  8. I have to count what I eat, otherwise I don't know what to do to keep my weight down

  9. I'm too busy at work to eat, so I go hungry then stuff myself in the evening

  10. Once I start eating foods that I'm not supposed to, I find it difficult to stop

If any of these are you

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