My story

No-one would have known, but in the background to my successful career in corporate training was a highly destructive pattern of eating.  This caused me anxiety, weight loss and regain, low self-esteem and a feeling of sluggishness and helplessness. 


I had been immersed in diet culture since my late teens, starting every week, it seemed, a new regime with new rules and promises which would be the magic cure to lose weight and give me a normal relationship with food (at the time I don't think I even knew what that was).  I had an emotional trauma when I was just 16 and I believe, looking back that my eating behaviour was largely triggered by this.  But in addition,  I was brought up to always clear my plate (because there were "starving children in Africa") and I had a mother who was  weight conscious and who bought diet versions of many foods.  I think both these factors also complicated my relationship with food.

Whilst the diets worked for a time, within a short while I was back to over-eating and an all too familiar feeling of disappointment and failure, comforting myself with more food. At my best I was on a good track for a few months, at my worst I was trapped in a pattern of binge eating every night (often in secret), barely able to get up in the morning.  A rollercoaster of yo-yo dieting, the starting and failing, weight up and then down, fear of eating, dread of getting on the scales - all the scenarios, I lived them.


Then in 2018 I realised that this had gone on for 40 years - way, way long enough.  It was a big moment when I made a decision that I did not have to accept that this was the only way I could live.  I dug deep and sought help from a number of sources, including researching heavily into the destructive impact of 'diet mentality' which had been controlling me for such a long time.  With a mindful eating approach and establishing a framework of eating which worked for me, I turned the tide in less than three months.  I started to lose my excess weight without much effort or strain and took back control of my life.  I have never looked back. 


Fast forward to now.  Having successfully treated this disordered and binge eating, I've used my coaching experience in the business world to create simple solutions to overeating, unhealthy food relationships and weight management. and I have retrained in the skills needed to coach others in this new world of mindful eating and nutritional health.  It is an absolute passion of mine to help people avoid years of disordered eating and I hope I can help you find a happy life with food. 


Lori xx

Why work with me?

My personal experience gives me bags of empathy for wherever you are with food at this moment.


I have a no-nonsense approach to food, so any meal suggestions I give you will be based around what you like to eat and how your life functions.



I've trained in some essentials skills to give you the best support I can.  I have Diplomas in Nutrition and Weight Management (certified by the Association for Nutrition), Behaviour Change Coaching and Eating Psychology.  I am an NLP licensed practitioner and an accredited coach in Jung psychological profiling.  I'm currently studying for a Diploma in Culinary Medicine.

Ross on Wye




Weight management, eating behaviour

and nutrition coach

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