Find a happy life

with food

Do you want to find a comfortable weight without constantly being on a diet?

Do you want to stop overeating for good?

Do you want to feel free and relaxed around food?

Learn how to eat so you never need to diet again

Hello, my name is Lori.

Welcome to my Clinic and

a new way to eat

I spent decades yo-yo dieting and overeating.   But I fixed myself and now I can help YOU find a positive life around food and achieve your goals, with effective tools and coaching.  My work focusses on YOU and what you need to get the results you want. 

I use a non-diet, mindful eating approach which changes how you eat for good.     

What is the Mindful Eating Clinic?

You will find a new freedom around food, eating the foods you love, by learning to eat intuitively 

You will learn how to improve your nutritional health

You will be more comfortable and confident in your body

You will learn how to plan healthy meals

You will stop obsessing about food!

What will I gain

from the Clinic?

Why work with me?

I know what it feels like to be stuck in a pattern of overeating and dieting, and to not know what to do about it.   I tried every diet there was and I was obsessed with my weight, my body and the food I was eating.

With my coaching you start to understand your unique eating behaviours and learn how to manage food, without restriction or guilt. You will find food freedom, lose weight and feel liberated and empowered.  My coaching is all about practical advice to start changing how you eat immediately.

I work with men and women with an approach which is personal, empathetic and always pragmatic.


How much money do you spend on diet plans, detoxes,

slimming books and clothes that don't fit? 

Instead, invest in something that will change your life.

1:1 coaching services

  • 3 guaranteed strategies to change how you eat now + written tools

    1 hr

    95 British pounds
  • 6 week programme of 1:1 to embed new eating behaviours + written tools

    1 hr

    355 British pounds
  • 12 week 1:1 programme for longer term weight loss or behaviour change

    1 hr

    675 British pounds
  • Scientific analysis of your eating. Improve your health & lose weight.

    15 min

    125 British pounds

What my clients say

Power Hour personal coaching

Talking to Lori in one on one sessions had really helped me with my relationship with food, it enabled me to lose 3 stone in weight, it also helped me to think about food in a different way so that I'm not depriving myself but consciously making healthier choices.


Learn how to eat, not how to diet coaching programme

 I’ve found I am getting to know when I need to eat for refuelling and I don’t feel bad about it. I am absolutely making better choices and changing habits. Where as it was always about my waistline and the scales and limiting foods it’s now about healthy body and healthy mind and it really does work. 


Mindful Eating for Life coaching programme

Lots learnt about what stands in the way of losing weight.  Within just an 8 weeks  I have changed some very old habits, found new ways of dealing with emotional eating and am on my way to me feeling in control rather than food

controlling me.


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