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I really feel as though everything we have been talking about in the coaching sessions  is starting to “click” – I have found it so much easier to manage binge urges now that I view them as separate to “me”.


I have also made the decision to quit dieting and trust that my body knows what it wants – it has been incredibly freeing just to eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full without overthinking it!


Mindful eating is not just another diet, with all the rules and restrictions that come with it. If you have tried dieting and found that it didn’t live up to your expectations,  think about trying Mindful Eating with Lori.


Lori’s approach is to help one learn about different foods and ways of eating. Once one knows what to expect from various foods in terms of weight gain/loss and health, you have the tools to eat better. 


Lori coaches from her own experiences of eating issues. She knows a great deal about food science and has lots of tips to help one eat well. She will share information from her extensive collection of written material.  Working with her I have discovered foods and recipes I have never tried, which I have found I really like and have helped me lose weight and not put it back.


If you have an eating problem, I really recommend you work with Lori.


I was at an all time low physically and mentally and felt that my weight would take me to an early grave then I saw a Facebook post from Lori and I felt I had found a friend….someone who got it! With support from Lori I have ditched the diet and found I have a passion for cooking – I have laid the foundations for my future relationship with food and developed ways of thinking and strategies that are helping me re-gain my health. I am losing 1 to 2 lbs a week whilst eating the most glorious food I have ever eaten.  With ongoing support from Lori I know I am developing ways of eating and living that  will last a life time.


Since Lori starting writing her Mindful Eating info and sharing photos of her meals, something has clicked in my own head!

I have always been an emotional comfort eater through stress at home or at work – eating naughty stuff made me better – for a while, then I’d regret it later.  So when I started to read Lori’s info there were bits of it I could relate to, thinking to myself this is me, so slowly I made a slight change. For me it was to stop snacking and have 3 good meals a day and yes, I did have a treat ( as I call it) a day.

A week and half later I began to feel a little different , my tummy seemed to be flatter – so I weighed myself (something which I hate doing), I had lost 2kgs in weight!! I was in shock!


There was a time when I stuffed my face on a daily basis with junk food and unhealthy snacks. I would mindlessly overeat just to fill what I call an emotional hole.

When I started working with Lori, I slowly began to change my eating habits. I started by paying attention to what I was actually eating and focused on just having three nutritional meals a day. Lori taught me to  decide if I was actually hungry, and did my body really need it. This part for me has taken the longest but I really do feel that it has clicked into place.


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