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THE MINDFUL WAY gives you:

  • A proven way to change how you live around food

  • 6 month, structured online programme of exercises, videos, activities and downloads

  • Optional membership of a private Facebook community 

  • Monthly Zoom Q & A with Lori & members 

  • Beneficial discounts to other Clinic services

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To take part in THE MINDFUL WAY you'll need:

  • access to a computer

  • access to a printer

  • an open mind and a willingness to change your life!

Hello!  I'm Lori and this is my new programme!

Eating and food can cause us real problems can't it?!  We diet, we overeat, we beat ourselves up, we hate our bodies and we try new fads.  All this to find peace with food and our bodies.  But it doesn't really work does it? That's because it's not the right way to do it.    


The Mindful Way IS.  Designed for men and women, it's my 6-month, comprehensive online programme, created specifically to help you find your happy life with food.  Learn a non-diet approach to weight management with The Mindful Way.  It's a structured, research-driven, supportive and interactive way to think, eat and live better - FOR GOOD!



"Is this the right way for me?"



  • if you're SO fed up of always being on a diet

  • if you can only manage weight through dieting

  • if you find it impossible to resist cravings

  • if you want to stop tracking and measuring your food 

  • if you’re an emotional eater

  • if you want to think less about food and enjoy life more


What will this new way do for me?


  • Get you off the eating rollercoaster!

  • Help you understand why you eat the way you do

  • Teach you to make more helpful choices

  • Solve weight management struggles

  • Improve your nutrition

  • Improve your body image, self-esteem and confidence

  • Bring you into a community of care and positivity


Any questions, just drop me a text. 

Lori xx

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