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New programme starts May 2024

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Hello, I'm Lori and this is my programme to bring you  lasting weight management and food freedom!

Eating and our weight can cause us real problems can't it?!  We diet, we overeat, we beat ourselves up, we hate our bodies and we try new fads.  All this to find peace with food and our bodies.  But it doesn't really work does it? That's because it's not the right way to do it.    

The Mindful Way IS.  Designed for men and women, it's a comprehensive online programme, created specifically to help you find your happy life with food.  It's a structured, research-driven, supportive and interactive way to think, eat and live better - FOR GOOD!

"Is this the right way for me?"


  • if you've never found a lasting way to manage your weight

  • if you're fed up of always being on or off a diet

  • if you can only manage weight through dieting

  • if you find it impossible to resist cravings

  • if you want to stop tracking & measuring food 

  • if you’re an emotional eater

  • if you want to have more energy

  • if you want to think less about food and enjoy life 

What will this new way do for me?


  • get you off the dieting weight gain rollercoaster

  • teach you how to really manage your weight long-term

  • help you understand why you eat the way you do

  • teach you to make more helpful choices

  • reduce the time you waste thinking about food

  • improve your energy levels and how you feel

  • improve your body image, self-esteem and confidence

  • bring you into a chat community of care and positivity*

  • give you personalised one to one coaching to support your journey**

3 packages to choose from:

Working at a Cafe

Set menu - perfect if you are a focussed, motivated self-starter. Six sections of online content for you to access for a 7 month period, whenever you choose.  The App content is open to you all the time.  

*Specials - the package for you if you need accountability to get the best out of the programme and you like chatting to others on the same journey.  The same access as the Set menu package but with additional, homework setting,  dedicated Mindful Way App chat support from Lori & other members and guest & bonus Zoom sessions

**A la carte - the premium level of the programme.  With personalised one to one coaching support from Lori and all her expertise & personal experience, this package will keep you accountable, celebrate your wins and keep you motivated.  You get everything on the Specials package PLUS 3 hrs of coaching spread across the programme (with recordings) 

Not sure if The Mindful Way is for you?


I get it entirely!  You may have tried numerous ways to find a better life with food and you're sceptical.  Here are a few things which might help you decide.

You can have a free WhatsApp chat with me to ask any questions.  Just use 07967 816631

You can view and download the brochure and outline.

You can read my Google reviews about my coaching and know that all the techniques in The Mindful Way are tried and tested.

To take part in THE MINDFUL WAY you'll need:

  • access to a computer, a smart phone or ipad

  • access to a printer

  • an open mind and a willingness to change your life!

Reviews so far

" Really enjoyed working through things at my own pace. I find I keep coming back to activities because I remember things or find links to past events that are meaningful. I have always journaled and have found that this has ramped up whilst I've been working though The Mindful Way.  Amy

"Lori you have outdone yourself with this's so therapeutic . The most revealing thing was probably 'My Food Story'. Thanks, your handouts are ingenious!  Sylvia

"I have had a major light bulb moment today!  It's how I feel with the stage of the program that I am doing. Addressing the secret and binge eating for once seems possible! I feel I can now turn over a new leaf and begin a new healthy chapter in my life. Thank you Lori, I always smile with you at the end of your videos! Linda

" I like this mindset of change and to acknowledge that it takes time. Once the new habit is formed it is easy, it's just getting there. There is so much depth in all those videos and handouts that I really enjoy.  SC

"Really getting a lot from it Lori. I like being able to work through things at my own pace but to know that other people are here going through the same process and having them and you for support. This course has come at exactly the right time for me.  AH

Any questions, just drop me a text. 

Lori xx

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