4-hr package

4 - 6 week programme of 4hrs of online coaching will create behaviour change and begin the process of lasting weight management. 

This shorter term programme of 4 hrs is perfect if you have a few eating behaviours to change and want to reset your eating. 

The 4 hrs across 6 weeks will break dieting behaviour, create a stable pattern of eating with mindful eating practice on a daily basis.  You will learn how to eat with food freedom, all your favourite foods to create balance and peace with your eating.


Daily eating routine, psychology and mindful eating tools are an important part of this programme, with activities to understand and change your eating cues and your subconscious messages.  


We look at how mindful eating can work for you, by creating a practical eating framework into your lifestyle.

You also get unlimited text access to me, for those tricky moments or if you want to share some successes!  You can also join my Facebook Club for free, we meet every week on Zoom to update and chat about challenges and successes.


This programme is a shorter-term choice to retrain eating behaviours and break any dieting mentality .


£ 290


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Any questions, just drop me a text.  Lori xx

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This programme includes:

  • 4 hrs of one to one to coaching

  • Mindful eating tools

  • Eating psychology and activities

  • Recording of coaching (audio & video)

  • Unlimited text access to coaching during the programme

  • Free membership to the Club Facebook group