10-hr package

12 - 16 week prog of 10hrs of coaching for longer term weight loss and deeper behaviour change.

The comprehensive and holistic programme of 10hrs of coaching across 3-4 months, to really break dieting behaviour, learn mindful eating practice on a daily basis and build nutritional health.  Employing the latest research to promote lasting weight loss, this programme will retrain how you think and behave around food in the right way, with no dieting extremes.  You can eat your favourite foods - even pizza! - and find stability and peace with your eating.


Eating psychology features heavily in this programme, with activities to change your eating cues, subconscious processes and attitude to yourself.  The coaching includes a psychological behaviour analysis to help you understand your eating at an even deeper level, AND a scientific Nutritional Assessment of your diet, to help you make sound improvements for lasting health.


Also included are meal planning ideas to add new healthy foods to your diet, guided by what you like to eat.  We work a new eating framework into your lifestyle, in the most practical way possible.

You also get unlimited text access to me, for those tricky moments or if you want to share some successes!  You can also join my Facebook Club for free, we meet every week on Zoom to update and chat about challenges and successes.


This programme is a practical choice if you have long-standing eating behaviours to change, or more weight to lose.


£ 690


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Any questions, just drop me a text.  Lori xx

Fresh Pizzas

This programme includes:

  • 10 hrs of one to one to coaching

  • Mindful eating tools

  • Eating psychology and activities

  • Recording of coaching (audio & video)

  • Personality profiling

  • Nutritional assessment (usually £145)

  • Unlimited text access to coaching during the programme

  • Free membership to the Club Facebook group