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You deserve a happy life
with food

Do you want to find a comfortable, healthy weight without constantly being on a diet?

Are you ready to recover from an over-eating disorder?

Do you want to stop emotional eating or bingeing?

Are you on a weight loss surgery and need psychological support?

Do you want to feel relaxed around food?

Do you want to improve your body image and self-esteem?


Learn how to feel free around food forever

Hello, my name is Lori.

Welcome to my Clinic and

a new way to THINK, EAT and LIVE around food

Why work with me?

I spent decades bingeing, starving, yo-yo dieting and overeating, so I know what it feels like to be stuck in a relationship with food which can dominate your life. 

  But I taught myself to think, eat and live differently around food.  I stopped dieting, bingeing and worrying.  I've now retrained so that I can help you do the same.  No more dieting, a healthy, stable weight, no bingeing or purging. 


With my therapy and coaching you start to understand yourself better, to learn how to think and eat differently.  You learn to manage how you eat, without restriction or guilt. You regain control over your relationship with food, lose excess weight (if you need to) and feel liberated and empowered. 


My coaching is all about practical advice.  It's holistic, personal, empathetic and always pragmatic.  It lasts and it can change not only how you eat but how you feel about yourself, your relationships and your role in life. 

I work with men and women with an approach which, although a big claim, is little short of  life-changing.

What my clients say

Talking to Lori in one on one sessions had really helped me with my relationship with food, it enabled me to lose 3 stone in weight, it also helped me to think about food in a different way so that I'm not depriving myself but consciously making healthier choices.


 I’ve found I am getting to know when I need to eat for refuelling and I don’t feel bad about it. I am absolutely making better choices and changing habits. Where as it was always about my waistline and the scales and limiting foods it’s now about healthy body and healthy mind and it really does work. 


Lots learnt about what stands in the way of losing weight.  Within just an 8 weeks  I have changed some very old habits, found new ways of dealing with emotional eating and am on my way to me feeling in control rather than food

controlling me.


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