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Versatile passata / tomato sauce

What to do when you have grown too many tomatoes? I always grow too many plants, paranoid that some will die I suppose but having too many tomatoes is a nice problem to have. So to avoid them all spoiling, make this simple and versatile tomato sauce which freezes beautifully, all ready for some lovely pasta when the mood takes you.

NUTRITION TIP: Tomatoes are amazingly high in nutrition. Much of the benefit comes from vitamins A, C and fibre and a high phytonutrient content (particularly cherry and baby plum tomatoes) which protect us from harmful free radicals (and sunburn!). The BIG thing is to keep them at room temperature as it’s been shown that storage lower than 10 degrees stops a tomato’s ripening process (during which the fruit can double its phytonutrient levels).


For 1 kg of tomatoes you also need:

3 large cloves of garlic

a glug of good olive oil

6 shallots

large handful of basil leaves

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar



Half the tomatoes and oven roast with a little oil for about 45 minutes until they are just charred (this will intensify the flavour).

Chop the shallots and soften in the oil for about five minutes.

Add the peeled and chopped garlic.

Add the tomatoes and simmer gently with the basil leaves for about 5 minutes. Add the balsamic vinegar. If the sauce is very watery continue to simmer until it reduces down to quite a thickish, but runny mixture. Season to taste. Leave to cool to just warm or room temperature. Pulverise with a hand-blender. Use, or freeze.

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