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It's fine to want to lose weight, it's how you do it that matters

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Anyone who follows eating coaches on social media will know that there’s a lot of content suggesting that we shouldn’t want to lose weight at all, but we should love our bodies as they are. It is undoubtedly important to love and respect the body we have been given in order to treat it right. It’s also true that we need a positive attitude about ourselves to build the self-esteem and confidence for many areas of our lives (without needing to look like anyone else on social media, on the beach or in advertising photos!). But... the reality is that many of us would like to be healthier to increase our wellbeing and longevity and for many that’s about finding a healthy weight. I’m not going to scaremonger about COVID but the evidence speaks for itself that obesity is a contributing factor to how well our bodies deal with the virus.

The most important thing about seeking a healthy weight which is sustainable, is HOW you approach it. . Here are some key principles to having the right approach to losing weight: 1. Accept that it's not a quick process or one with a fixed end point. In other words, the goal weight is not the end but a way to measure (if you really have to) how you are progressing on your life-changing journey. There are no phases, it's one phase, for the rest of your life. 2. The reasons why you have put on weight in the first place must be examined, understood and supported. 3. The process must focus on behaviour change which suits your lifestyle, your tastebuds and your budget so that it's sustainable. 4. The approach should focus on health and physical hunger (and any necessary weight loss will follow). 5. Any ‘’goals’ must be realistic based on your body type and your natural weight ‘set point’. Behavioural goals are MUCH more durable than numerical goals. 6. The process must be looked at as a holistic approach. It should incorporate exercise, sleep, self-care etc. 7. The food intake level must not leave you hungry. It’s also key to get away from tracking, counting and banish any diet culture ‘moralising’ about food. 8. You must be ready and open to delving deeply into your personal relationship with food and to educating yourself about nutrition.

All of the above and more is my approach to helping people lose weight. If you want a free 15 min consult about how to find the right direction, then please get in touch.

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