Healthy, easy pancake

Updated: Feb 17

We all love a pancake, anytime and if today happens to be pancake day then Happy Pancake Day! This is a recipe for a nutritious pancake which still has a lovely fluffy texture and can be eaten sweet or savoury. It takes minutes to make and because of the additional protein, will keep you full for hours. It's a recipe full of protein goodness, gluten free (if you buy organic oatmeal) and it's low in fat.

Serves one


1 heaped tbsp quark (low fat soft cream cheese)

1 tbsp oat bran

1 tbsp ground flaxeed (linseed) or hemp seed

and sweet)

1 large egg

Optional:1 tbsp protein powder (Form, Purition etc. vanilla flavour works with savoury) You may need to add a dash of milk with this.

Optional sweetener: xylitol / maple syrup / runny honey

Savoury flavouring: herbs, salt and pepper, chilli flakes


Mix all the ingredients together, whipping a little air into your batter.  Fry gently in a little coconut or light olive oil, until the pancake is cooked through, turn half way.

Sweet toppings: fresh fruit, warmed berries, yogurt, chopped or flaked nuts, raw cacao nibs/chocolate chips, pumpkin seeds, or just simple lemon (we know that works!)

Savoury toppings: smoked salmon and cream cheese, halved cherry tomatoes, fried mushrooms, crispy bacon and maple syrup, pumpkin seeds, fried chorizo cubes, oven roasted feta cubes - it's pretty endless really.

Looking for something else nutritious and a bit different?