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Do you have a 'thin' wardrobe?

A new season is often a time to sort out the appropriate clothes for the changing weather. I love that swapping over in spring, putting the boots away and getting out the plimsols and lighter tops.

As you do this there may be some clothes which stir negative thoughts and feelings about your weight and your body. You may have a 'thin' wardrobe, many of us do - a collection of clothes which only fit us when we are at our thinnest. Clothes which we are hoping one day we can wear again, and by wearing them we regain some personal value which is tied up in our weight and disciplined eating behaviour. Perhaps we have lost a lot of weight in the past and bought clothes which fitted us at that time, but since then, we've regained some or all of that weight and the clothes don't fit. But not only that, they sit in the wardrobe reminding us that we failed on the diet, that we have put the weight back on and that we are no longer thin.

If you've followed me for a while you will know that diets don't work! So firstly regaining the weight isn't your fault - it's a natural result of dieting. Secondly, the way you lost the weight was probably quite restrictive and not very enjoyable (so that's not really a happy memory is it) and lastly the only way you were going to stay that thin was to be on a diet for the rest of your life - and who wants that?

So this is where the work starts to make that better. It's time for a spring clean!

Get the clothes out of the wardrobe and just get rid of the smallest of them all. Get them out of your life - charity shop, eBay, Vinted - wherever you feel most comfortable donating. They are only making you feel negative about yourself, your body and what happened in the past. Next, find all the clothes which fit you NOW, clothes which make you look and feel good, it doesn't matter what size is printed on the label. Take some time for you to sort some outfits which show you at your best as you are NOW. Look, smile, accept. You must do this even if you're on a weight loss journey. Play with colour, try new combinations, be bold about your body. You can read a guest blog from personal stylist Kerrie Ellis on how to make your wardrobe boost your confidence, or listen to my podcast with style expert Emma Gotz to listen to different styles which might help make you feel more positive.

If you're working with me and longer term a healthier body is a goal, you won't be setting any numerical goals, you'll be nourishing your body, changing your eating patterns and waiting (yes waiting...) to see where your weight settles. It's far more important to learn to eat well and to build body positivity and acceptance than focussing on the scales. We also learn that your weight doesn't define you.

Start to think about how you feel in clothes just as much as how you look in them. Make it easy on yourself by choosing the ones which make you feel your best - NOW.

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