The Clinic has a multi-disciplinary team to make sure your mindful eating journey is the best it can be.  You may be invited to share some of your programme with any of our experts or we may suggest you have some dedicated time with them - all to enhance the outcome of your experience at the Clinic.


Vanda Varga - NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist



Emma Jamieson - Nutritional Therapist

Emma Jamieson is a registered nutritional therapist and health coach specialising in digestive health. Her approach is based on functional medicine, making personalised dietary and lifestyle changes to support her clients' health and help them find relief from their symptoms.  Emma is dipION mBANT CNHC.

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Vicki Brown - personal trainer and yoga teacher

Vicki thrives off helping people achieve their goals. Not only to look better but feel better about themselves. Getting people to lift weights, feel stronger and healthier, trying new things and gaining the confidence to change their lifestyle is extremely rewarding. She continues to develop skills for her own experience and to be able to share even more with our clients. Vicki is a QCF Level 3 personal trainer and qualified yoga teacher.


Naomi Light - couples and relationship counsellor

Naomi is passionate about helping couples overcome challenges to connect in a deeper way. With her background in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, Naomi now uses the leading research-based intervention for couples called the Gottman Method.

"For some couples, it is the loss of passion that brings them to therapy and for others, it's the explosive conflict." Whatever the issues that first bring couples to seek help Naomi believes that understanding, empathy and support are essential to help couples face their problems and try new ways of communicating. As a dedicated conflict-avoider, Naomi found herself on the brink of divorce and had to learn a whole new conversation toolkit to save her own marriage. "I know what it is like to feel completely hopeless about your relationship but to find the courage to face another conversation and give love another chance".